We Offer the Best Private Banking Experience

For high-net-worth individual (HNWI) customers, a more personalised approach to finance is required including a dedicated manager to help manage your investment services and products. Axton Finance will treat your portfolio with a holistic view and can assist in every aspect of management - from simple tasks like bill payment through to advanced and complicated services like developing investment strategies and wealth management.

Wealth management services through the best private banking services

There is a range of different premium bank solutions and products HNWI customers require and each needs time and attention to ensure they are managed correctly. The expert team at Axton Finance can assist with a range of private and personalised services including:

Portfolio management: This is a relationship built on trust and we have developed strong relationships with all of our clients, private banks and lending services for over a decade. Following your specifications, we will carefully monitor markets on your behalf with all investment decisions made in completely transparent ways so that you can see the growth.

Tax services: Ensuring you are compliant with all ATO rules and regulations becomes more challenging the more financial services and products you have. Our team is educated and trained regularly on all new developments and will ensure you are fully compliant while only paying the fees that are required to put more back in your pocket.

Insurance: We can manage all of the elements required for your financial service as well as your personal circumstances like life insurance.

Trust services: The growth and development of your growth can extend across many generations and our team can help manage complex family wealth, protect your family business by administering and managing trusts that can span many generations. The team at Axton Finance has all of the legal knowledge and financial expertise you can depend on to make decisions on your behalf, but most importantly we will build a long-lasting, trusting relationship with your family so you can rely on us totally. You can trust us as your private bank lending and mortgage rates experts.

Estate planning: Wills and estates become more complex when there are many financial products involved and an investment portfolio. We will ensure all of your wishes are clearly outlined and your estate distributed the way you intended. Our team will work with you and the legal team to ensure that there are no posthumous claims from estranged family members or business connections that are not in the estate planning.

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