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With so many options for financing and refinancing properties, having a trusted expert on your side is an invaluable investment, no matter whether it's your first investment property or you’re a seasoned pro. Best of all, most of our services are available at absolutely no cost. Gain access to knowledge and experience you won’t find at a bank when you arrange your loan with Axton.

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The changing rules, regulations, and restrictions in investment finance make it a challenging environment for you. We draw on our experience to explain, in plain English, what these changes mean for you. Over the years, we’ve helped portfolio property investors, Australian expats, entrepreneurs, mums and dads, and countless others secure investment property loans.

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We use technology to enhance relationships—not replace them. Our team is across the latest broking software, maintains ongoing relationships with Australia’s leading banks and lenders, and has decades of experience in the investment finance market. We’re ready to put our experience, systems, and relationships to work for you.

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Investment Property Loans

As the old Victorian saying goes, investing in property is literally 'as safe as houses'. There is plenty of security when it comes to establishing new opportunities like this, mostly because real estate reliably increases in value over the years and through rental returns, you can easily pay off the mortgage until you own it outright.

Axton Finance can assist you across the board - whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, get a mortgage to renovate a house or want to achieve your first investment property loan.

Acquiring your first investment property loan

There are many differences between financing a home you are going to live in an investment property. It can also be very challenging to balance separate mortgages for your family home and investment one. Our team will put it all in simple terms for you and find the best finance solution to meet your requirements.

The best structure for you

Correctly structuring your investment loan can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. There are many options available to investors including offsets to minimise your tax exposure, paying interest only to improve your offsets and diversifying lenders so you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket. There is a lot to consider here and Axton Finance can ensure that your loans are correctly structured to deliver the most rewards.

Best investment property loans by credit score

Most people with a chequered credit history won't even ask the question when it comes to this kind of finance because they expect the answer will always be no. This is not always the case, speak to our team about how we can get you the finance you need for your specific circumstances.

Commercial applications

You don't have to limit yourself to investing in residential spaces - commercial premises are also a fantastic opportunity to dabble in, and there is a wide range of different options out there to consider. These loans usually have a higher interest rate and a larger deposit is also usually required, plus some solutions are safer than others, so there’s a lot to consider.

Come and have a chat with our experts about the opportunities available and we can assist with all of the elements required to help make the process simple for you.

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