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With decades of collective experience, our team of home loan experts are committed to making the process of moving house as seamless and stress-free as possible. Got a question about home loan interest rates? We know the industry like the back of our hand, so when it’s time to move on to something bigger and better—make Axton Finance your first call.

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Put your equity to work.

Your years of home ownership might be worth more than you think. When you book your free consultation, our team will assess the portability and flexibility of your home loan, with a view to build the best, most cost-effective home loan package for you. Whether you’re refinancing or porting an existing loan to a new property, we’ll be by your side to help get the job done.

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We’ll shop around on your behalf for free. 

Our expansive lender network includes more than 25 of Australia’s leading lenders. To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, we weigh the pros and cons of staying loyal to your current lender versus moving on to someone new. Best of all, we’ll sort out your next home loan financing or refinancing at absolutely no cost to you.

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Get the Best Loan for Your Second Home

Often we reach a stage in our lives where we outgrow our first property or we need to relocate for work, family or health reasons. This is a great chance to purchase a larger space, one in a more desirable location or with more features to suit your growing family.

But this can be a challenging process when you are looking at the sale of your first house and the purchase of the second, and our team is here to help provide clarity and simplify this process for you so you can move ahead with your life.

Second mortgage or home equity loan?

You don't need to take out a second mortgage home loan in a lot of occasions. If you have lived in your house for a period of time, paid off a portion of the agreement, watched the house rise in value and maybe made some upgrades, you likely have equity that you can use. This means refinancing your existing mortgage and ensures you don't have to juggle two loans.

Bridging finance solutions

If you require the proceeds from the sale of your first house to fund the purchase of your next home, this can be a dilemma if the first house has not yet sold. This solution is available so you can move ahead with the purchase of the second one, but can be complex and there are risks involved.

Our specialists in mortgage home loans for Australia can provide all of the due diligence here to find out if this option is suitable for you and your situation. While buying a new house with the proceeds of the first one is the preferred option, this can be a great way to secure a property in demand and then sell your previous property down the track.

Finance for house relocation

There are many little tricks and traps when it comes to purchasing your first house. With the mortgage itself, you have varying fees, rates, terms and conditions and more to contend with while there is also stamp duty and many other legal processes and fees along the way. Our expert team will ensure you are getting the best rates for these fees and access to all of the discounts and concessions that are available.

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