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The home buying process can feel like an endless series of hurdles: save up a deposit, secure a loan, select a property, and start your repayments. We work as your devoted finance partner and are always on hand to answer questions and put your mind at ease. We've helped thousands of Aussies become homeowners. Now it's your turn.

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You’ve got options, but we’ll spare you the jargon.

Explaining your options in plain English is an integral part of our client experience. We guide you through everything from determining your suitable borrowing potential to selecting a lender and repayment structure suited to you and your lifestyle. No call centres here - we cut through the banking jargon and give you the information you need to make the right decision.

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No stone left unturned.

We are committed to saving you money on your first home buyer mortgage. Our experience and qualified mortgage brokers will explore potential stamp duty exemptions, First Home Owners Grants (FHOG) and limited equity and Family Pledge assistance products. By tailoring your options we can often help reduce your home loan interest rate or even eliminate lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) costs. Ready to shave thousands of dollars and years off your home loan? Contact us today.

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First Home Buyer Loans

This should be one of the most exciting times of your life and the team at Axton Finance will help take all of the complications and frustrations our of the finance process so that you can move into your new property quicker. Whether you are looking to design and build your own home, buy off the plan or move into an established house, we have all of your finance needs covered.

We’re the best mortgage company for first time home buyers

There are many benefits when it comes to building your own first property. You can work with the builders and architect to ensure that you are opting for a residence that meets your every need and has all of the features and comforts you and your family want. There are also plenty of financial incentives including government grants that make building a highly affordable option. Our team can assist you with the entire finance process including finding the right mortgage for you, payment to the builder or developer and linking you to all of the grants and measures available.

There is the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) available whether you decide to buy or build in Victoria and this FHOG doubles to $20,000 if you elect to build in regional Victoria.

Buy an established property

There are many concessions and rebates available from the Victorian Government that can assist you in moving into the property of your dreams, and we can help you get the most out of all of them. There is the HomesVic shared equity scheme that can assist you with a deposit, stamp duty concessions depending on the total price of the property as well as the First Home Owner Grant.

Our experienced team will ensure you get all of the savings you are entitled to and connect you to the best mortgage for your circumstances from our range of banks and lenders without any fuss.

Reduced upfront costs and fees

There are many little tricks and traps when it comes to purchasing your first house. With the mortgage itself, you have varying fees, rates, terms and conditions and more to contend with while there is also stamp duty and many other legal processes and fees along the way. Our expert team will ensure you are getting the best rates for these fees and access to all of the discounts and concessions that are available.

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