Why You Need To Review Your Life Insurance

08122020 Axton16 Cw W
Clinton Waters
  • Financial Advice
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection

If you crash your car, in all likelihood you will have insurance, and be reimbursed for the damage. 

What if YOU experience a similar trauma? Are you insured and can you be certain that what you have in place will get you back ‘on the road’, more importantly, will your family be protected from a financial crash.

At AXTON, and as part of our best interest duty to clients, we believe it is important to highlight the metrics around your lending in relation to your income and lifestyle. Particularly because we facilitate lending towards accommodation that is often reliant on your income, accommodation that houses you and your family.

Simply put, we insure our cars and home contents, assets that lose value every day, but not enough of us sit down and truly think about our personal insurance position.  As an individual, you and your partner, are your family’s biggest asset. You produce a yield, in the form of income, that is critical for your accommodation and living expenses – yet seldom do we consider adequate insurance for this invaluable asset.

In light of the above information we recommend that you have an initial conversation with our financial advice partner, Joel Schultz at Columbus Wealth Advisory. Like us, advisers like Joel do not charge a fee for insurance advice, nor do they charge to meet for a simple discussion. They are paid by the recommended insurance provider. Further more because of Columbus’s own ‘Best Interest Duty’, they will only issue advice that is proven to be in your best interests ie. provide the best value for money (cost effective) and provide the best available features for your circumstance.

Call Joel and his team today for an obligation free discussion on 03 9935 9202 to ensure you financials assets are adequately protected.