24th April, 2024

Why Choose a Broker Over Going Direct to a Bank?

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Navigating the Australian mortgage market can be daunting, especially when it comes to securing the best mortgage options that are suited to your specific needs. While going directly to a bank might seem straightforward, it often isn’t the most beneficial route. Here’s why choosing AXTON Finance can be a smarter decision: With over 300+ five-star Google reviews we offer a personalized service tailored to your needs, access to a wide range of mortgage options from multiple leading lenders, expert guidance for complex needs, and leverage to secure competitive rates and favourable terms. These are the benefits you won’t get by going directly to a bank.

Designed for Time-Poor Professionals

At AXTON Finance, we specialize in helping time-poor professionals who are looking to secure larger loan approvals that usually involve more complex requirements. Our expertise and personalized service ensure that your financial needs are met with efficiency and precision, saving you valuable time and effort. We are here to guide you through the complex mortgage process and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Personalized Service Tailored to Your Needs

AXTON Finance provides an efficient bespoke banking experience tailored uniquely to your financial needs. Going direct to a bank is like going to a car dealership and asking what’s the best car on the market today – you are being sold a product, not a service.

Unlike banks, which often have rigid criteria and impersonal service, and a revolving door of staff AXTON takes the time to understand your specific circumstances, offering reliable solutions that direct to bank options simply cannot match.

Expert Guidance for Complex Needs

The mortgage process is fraught with complex terms and conditions that can be overwhelming without expert guidance. AXTON Finance’s team of highly experienced professionals simplifies these complexities and provides talented advice, ensuring you make informed decisions and avoid the common pitfalls that could waste your time and money.

A Wide Range of Mortgage Options from Multiple Leading Lenders

Did you know that going directly to a bank means there is no obligation for them to offer you products that are truly in your best interests? Licensed mortgage brokers are legislated to always operate within your best interests and provide you with a detailed summary as to why certain structures and products meet your needs first and not the banks. Direct bank customers are limited to the products that their bank offers. AXTON Finance, however, gives you access to a wide array of mortgage products from over 30 major banks and lenders. This diversity ensures you’re not just getting a loan but the best advice coupled with a loan for your particular financial situation.

Leveraging Opportunities

Settling for your current bank’s offer could mean missing out on better rates and more suitable mortgage products. AXTON Finance leverages industry expertise and relationships to secure competitive rates and favourable terms, often not advertised directly by lenders. With AXTON, you gain an edge in financial arrangements that a direct bank approach usually cannot provide.

Don’t Miss Out on better Financial Solutions

Imagine securing not just any loan, but the best possible loan for your situation. We ensure you have access to bespoke solutions and a team that champions your financial success. Why limit yourself to the offerings of a single bank when we can open the door to a world of possibilities and a better financial future?

Further, we ensure your loan remains competitive well past the settlement date, meaning we complete automated annual reviews that compare the market and needle your existing lender to ensure you get a great rate today and tomorrow. Ask yourself—would your current bank tell you that you could get a better rate next year?

At Axton Finance we create relationships, not transactions.

Call us today or book an obligation-free mortgage strategy meeting to find out why thousands of busy professionals have appointed Axton Finance as their trusted mortgage brokers.