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The Young Pink Sisters is a registered Australian charity that provides direct financial support to young women with breast cancer.

We are very pleased to announce that for the whole of 2017 AXTON Finance is donating $50 from every clients settled mortgage over $250,000. 

Our target is to raise over $10,000 for this great cause.

Please check out the video below and visit their website for more information at

Many thanks to Lauren Bryant and Tracey Ryan for coming in during the week to meet with us. 

Here is what we said during our interview;

Clint:              Hi, it’s Clint Waters here from AXTON Finance and I’m here today with the girls from the Young Pink Sisters Charity. I’m here with Tracey Ryan and Lauren Bryant. Thanks for coming girls. We’re really excited about our new venture to support the Young Pink Sisters Charity. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you guys are doing?

Lauren:         Yes, well we are a young women breast cancer charity and we pay for medical bills for young women until the age of 50 with breast cancer. Yeah, so we just take those costs away and we pay for bills or anything associated with the treatment.

Clint:          And both of you have been unfortunately through the process of having breast cancer at quite a young age.

Tracey:         Still going.

Clint:            Still going. And it is a very expensive time, isn’t it?

Tracey:         Very expensive. It took all my superannuation.

Clint:          Yes it’s quite amazing. So what we are proposing on doing and what we’ve agreed to do is that for every transaction out of $250,000, we’ll be donating $50 per deal to your charity and the best thing about that is that the money goes direct to the girls and for their direct cost of their treatment. And as you’ve explained to us previously, pretty much every dollar goes direct and you guys pay the bills directly to the recipients.

Tracey:         The girls send us the bills and we pay the bill directly. So we’ve got that pay chain and you know where its going.

Clint:              Fantastic! So the Young Pink Sisters’ website is…

Lauren:         It’s

Clint:              Fantastic, so check out their website, there’s a link on our website and all of our emails so you can get running updates. You can also like them on Facebook.

Tracey:         Yes please.

Clint:              You girls have got a couple thousand followers already and likes! 

Lauren:         We’ve also got some support groups as well, so if any girls are looking for support, we also have that as well.

Clint:            Fantastic. Well, we look forward to supporting you guys over the long term and we really welcome the opportunity to be able to help out. So thanks very much for coming in today.

Tracey:         Thank you.

Clint:             No worries, thanks guys.