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Investing in property whilst living abroad is a big decision, one that comes with a lot of logistics and lingo. We’ll help you navigate the rules, regulations, and restrictions to deliver an expat mortgage solution that is tailored to you. Not sure if you qualify for expat lending? Let’s find out.

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From executives in Singapore to engineers in England, we’ve helped countless Aussie expats like you realise their financial goals. Whether you’re an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or in the country on a 457 visa, our expat lending experts take the time to get to know you—in-person or online.

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Mortgage lending policies are always changing, which can make securing expat mortgages all the more challenging. To help you out, we will connect you with our team of hard-earned industry expert connections, including property advocates, financial planners, and pre-purchase inspectors. Why? Because we believe in relationships, not transactions.

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You never know where life can take you. Just because you are now living and working overseas doesn't mean you are excluded from purchasing and investing in property in your home country of Australia and Axton Finance is here to assist you.

The process of applying for Australian expat home loans while you are overseas is complex and there are many rules and regulations to follow which can make the application process challenging. Our expert team can work remotely with you through online platforms to guide you through this process and ensure you get the loan approval you are looking for.

Do I qualify for expat lending?

If you are a national citizen or resident that is living and working overseas you can qualify for an Aussie expat home loan of up to 90 per cent of the value of the property you are looking to purchase. There are a number of barriers, though, like the currency you paid in and the foreign business income you receive. There are some lenders who may reject your application if you have married a foreign citizen as well. You will also find factors like exchange rate variations and tax rates can hinder your borrowing power which is why you need the assistance of the experts to deliver you the best solution.

We will take the time to go through all of the fine print with a range of lenders and connect you with the best option with the lowest repayment rates.

Can I still be eligible if I am paid a foreign income?

While there are some lenders that do not provide this service, there are many that do. Our team will work with those banks and lenders that have a secondary currency list and as long as your currency is accepted, we will be able to negotiate an arrangement to secure you a loan on an Australian property.

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